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Slide whistle plain wooden children's musical whistle

Slide whistle plain wooden children's musical whistle


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    Wooden slide whistle toy.
    An inexpensive all wooden slide whistle, great for party bags, stocking fillers and promotional giveaways.
    Simple traditional wooden slide whistle Swannee type toy.
    A chunky traditional wooden Swannee type whistle with a slide to make the tone higher or lower, allowing all sorts of weird and wonderful noises to be made. Individually wrapped. Hours of fun.
    Made of Rubberwood or Beech timber.
    size 160mm x 25 dia.

    The Clangers  BBC, this whistle does produce a few sounds of the Clangers, on its own will not produce all of them , not the range and only wooden. 
    The noises for the Clangers are produced from a range of different types of wooden and metal  whistles, flutes, Swannee Whistles and orchestral Swannee instruments. The Clangers sound comes from the use a range of swannee type whistles. 
    There is a different whistle for each Clanger:
    • Tiny Clanger is a small African rosewood whistle
    • Small Clanger is a toy whistle
    • Mother Clanger is a metal slide whistle made in the USA
    • Major Clanger is a UK-made orchestral swannee whistle made by the biggest specialist whistle maker in the world.
    • Granny Clanger is a professional-quality 1930s Bakelite whistle.
      Information from BBC programme media centre.


    • Model: K4E 07122
    • Item unit Weight: 45
    • 2 Units in Stock
    • Manufactured by: Tobar