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Hello, welcome to our site we hope you enjoy browsing our range of wooden games and toys.

We started selling wooden toys since established in 2003 to create a more wholesome, imaginative play environment for our children. We wanted an alternative to today's throwaway plastics and cartoon spin-offs. We wanted our children to have  wooden toys that they would cherish, and be proud to share with their children.

Each year parents in the UK spend over £1.9 Billion on toys for their children. Most of these toys are disposable and are enjoyed for a few years, at best. They are made on high-speed automated machinery, untouched by human hands. Much of the price paid goes for packaging and advertising, rather than the toys themselves. Part of a toy's cost funds the creation of children's television; which is designed to instill desire in children for a toy manufacturer's latest products. This year's hit movie will spin off a complete line of toys that will need replacing when the next blockbuster film is released. Remember the toys that were part of your childhood.I hope your children will remember you when your grandchild gallops away on the horse you gave thirty years earlier. I hope they have a set of wooden blocks or a wooden doll from a special aunt. So few things in life are permanent today. We need to cultivate memories to insure they are always vivid.

We want you to give the children in your life not only better toys, but better memories. A wooden toy requires more of the child's imagination and creativity than some of the toy industry's current offerings. This means more play value, more education, and more cognitive development. They cannot turn on the switch and watch it; they need to touch and manipulate it. They will combine it with other toys in ways completely unexpected. You have probably seen children who are more attracted to a  cardboard box than its contents. Children's imaginations are on high speed and need very little encouragement. Giving a basic wooden toy is even more special because of the relationship you share. "My granddad/mum had it made specially for me", is good to hear. And, since well made wooden toys will last far beyond us givers/makers, you get the memories as a bonus. I hope your children and grandchildren will have fond memories of you. Durable wooden toys will help call those memories to mind.

As you can see when you tour our site we do sell more then just wooden toys for children. Our interests extend to wooden games for all ages, from traditional Chess to more sophisticated `Four in a Row'. We also have a wide range of wooden models, puzzles and educational toys.

we are continually searching for new products and suppliers to include and will continue to develop partnerships with British craftsmen and other sources from around the world, hopefully we are getting the balance right and are catering for all age groups. We are also happy to support suppliers of wooden products who source from replenish able natural supplies, thereby helping to sustain the future for our children.

We do hope you enjoy shopping with us, please do not hesitate to contact us if you need help or have any comments good or bad about our site usability or wooden products. We're a family run company and we're here to help.

Lynda and Lee

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