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These are a superb range of letters manufactured by Lanke Kade 
This range of letters are from a Fair trade source.
This is an innovative, attractive and high quality version at an amazing price. 
Excellent for bedroom doors, drawers, shelves and also an aid for teaching the Alphabet. 
Brightly hand-painted wooden  MDF  letters, just over 70mm high x 6mm .

All are painted on both sides and coloured with a pink slightly glittery non toxic paints, shade may vary.
Some letters are available in light or dark shade only and some in both.
We will try our very best to ensure there is a good mix but it will depend on availability of each shade.
We cannot guarantee that every name will get alternate light and dark letters, or all light /dark letters.
Some of reverse sides can also be used as a plain coloured letter, such as A H  I M O T U V W X Y.
Each letter has a character or picture relating to the letter within the letter shape.
A for Angel,B for Ballerina, P for Princess, I for Imp, N for Night, K for King etc

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