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Jewellery boxes

Apple & Pear Exotic Wood jewellery containers, just turn gently to pull apart.
All our Fine Wooden Collectibles are hand made by Mike Fitz and have a French polish and wax finish, no stain or lacquer is used.
This enhances their beauty, and they will go on giving pleasure for many years to come.
Mike’s work has gained the reputation of being “Tomorrows Antiques”,
over the years has been appreciated and collected by many connoisseurs from all over the world.
We are pleased to offer some of his work here, and are certain you will not be disappointed.
A thoroughly unique item as the old cockney's say "get your apples and pears 'ere".
Make an ideal presentation, planning an engagement surprise? Hide the ring inside the fruit.
Jewellery box  or a special holder for the Tooth fairy.
Unique and brilliant range of handmade Exotic Wooden Fruit,
Each one is individual by the nature of the timber used as each piece will have unique patterns and figuring of the woodgrain.
They are available in Light, Medium and Dark Exotic hardwoods.
Approximate external dimensions millimetres