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Poker Dice Rules

Rules for Poker Dice

The first player may take as many as three throws but may stand pat after the first or second throw if he so wishes.
Following players may not take more throws than the first player.

After the first throw the player may put aside any of the five dice, or throw all five dice again.

The player repeats this process up to three throws, but may not throw more dice on the second than on the first.

The scoring value is Ace high down to the Nine.

The scoring combinations in order of value are as follows;

  • Fives -Five of a kind.
  • Fours - Four of a kind.
  • Full house - One pair plus three of a kind.
  • Straight - A run of Ace to Ten or King to Nine.
  • Threes - Three of a kind.
  • Two Pair.
  • One Pair.

The Game can be played by two or more players and normally runs in legs of three games.