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Noah's Ark Toys

Noah's Ark Wooden Childrens Play Toys.

Noah's Ark was the vessel built by Noah in the Bible and the Quran.
The origins of Noah's Ark are first mentioned in the Bible where Noah was chosen to build a boat (the Ark) and then fill it with two of each of all the animals of the earth. Then God would send a flood to cover the land.
The original Ark with Noah as the captain was quite large estimated around 500 cubits, estimated today to be aprox 1000 feet or 300 metres long, but any way far to large for your living room.
For further reading please refer to Wikapedia Noahs Ark

Over the years many children's toys some to depict the story from the bible and some just to play with have been produced. Many Noah's Ark's  were produced in wood originally hand carved by craftsmen and some still survive in museums around the world.
The Noah's Ark toy is still a very popular toy and some very large versions are available from different manufacturers  around the world.
The push on environmentally friendly, fair trade manufacturers and production costs have meant manufacturers looking at ways to use all timber Rubberwood and Bamboo are two widely used . 
Rubber wood is now a popular choice of timber for many manufacturers, originally just burnt as waste when the tree reached the end of it latex rubber production, now the vast majority are utilised in the production of wooden toys. Also MDF is now widely used as a recycled timber product Noahs Ark. 
Bamboo while technically a grass is the worlds fastest growing plant is used now in production of many timber products included many wooden toys and wooden games
Wooden Noah's Ark versions of this popular toy are still very much in the forefront of the market,
Wooden Toys UK are pleased to be able to offer a large range of Noah's Ark wooden play toys for children of all ages. We have the the Natural Rubberwood Wood Large Noah's Ark from LankaKade, the even bigger Bamboo Noahs's Ark from Everearth. Brightly painted solid wood and smaller verions made from recycled timber in the form of MDF.
We also have a few other Noah's ark puzzle and bamboo wooden letter plaques.
We are always looking to extend are ranges of Noah's Ark wooden products, please check back often to see what we have.

View Video of Large Bamboo Noah's Ark Toy