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Wand Care

Magic Wand FAQ

Do your wands really work magic?

This is our most frequently asked question, and, perhaps, the most difficult to answer! It all depends on how much you believe in magic. If you're a naturally magical person, our wands will help to focus your abilities. But remember that the instrument of magic is only as good as the witch or wizard using it!

Where are your magic wands made?

All of our magic wands are made by craftsmen and women in Britain - the home of J.K.Rowling and Harry Potter, J.R.R.Tolkien, Philip Pullman, Merlin and Arthur, Peter Pan, and hundreds of other great magical characters! In fact, your could say that our items are made in the home of magic and that's what makes them so good!

Did you know???

Did you know that the majority of US based on-line wand retailers do not make their own wands? Did you know that they import them by the container load from India? That's right! Not quite as "handcrafted by their master wandmakers" as they'd like you to believe! Now it's not our place to lecture anyone about child labour, low wages, & long working hours. Let's just say that here at the Magic Wand Shop, our wands are guaranteed handcrafted in England by real master wandmakers. Our presentation boxes are also handmade in England. That's what makes the difference and The Magic Wand Shop so special..

Caring For Your Wand

The occasional wipe with a dry cloth should be all the maintenance your wand will ever need.

However if, for whatever reason, you should find that your wand has become covered with green slime, sulphur and/or dragon spit, a quick wipe with a damp cloth should bring the natural shine back. Likewise if your wand starts to smell like burnt toast - a quick wipe and all should be well.

If your wand should snap in two, beware! Evil forces are at work. Only a particularly powerful and evil sorcerer can snap magic wands. Seek out the source of this evil, and then either prepare to battle to the death or run away. The choice is yours, o wise one.

Always store your wand in the silk lined box provided. This box is enchanted and will keep your wand safe. However if you should lose your silk lined enchanted box, we find that an old shoe box is as good as anything.

Your magic wand should provide you with centuries of loyal service. In fact, your wand is likely to still be around long after you've become food for the worms. Particularly if you spend your time chasing around after evil sorcerers who've snapped your wand in two.