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Unique African Blackwood Auctioneers Hammer Gavel

Unique African Blackwood Auctioneers Hammer Gavel


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    African Blackwood Hammer Gavel†

    Superb Finely turned Exotic Timber African Blackwood Auctioneers Gavel.
    This is our smallest hammer in the range
    Hand made turned one at at time on a wood turners lathe.
    The Gavel is hand turned in the dense timber African Blackwood.
    †French polish and wax finish, no stain to add colour or lacquer is used, you are seeing only the real wood.†
    The Gavel hammer is 180mm long x 35mm diameter x 55mm†
    Sturdy enough to be a gift for a working Auctioneer or Judge
    Approx. Dimensions: Gavel 180mm long.
    This is for the Hammer only.

    African Blackwood wooden Gavel Hammer
    African black wood Gavels

    Each Gavel is unique hand turned Gavels from UK
    Gavel Store UK

    • Model: MF8DAB RLP gavel set
    • Item unit Weight: 90
    • 5 Units in Stock
    • Manufactured by: Mike Fitz UK Manufacturer